He’d Roll Over In His Grave!!!!!

Is it really possible to roll over in your grave? It seems to me that bodies are packed in pretty tight. No, I’m pretty sure of it. Not enough room. Oh, plus the guy is dead.

What a strange thing for someone to say and yet we hear it all the time. “You’re Daddy would roll/turn over in his grave if he saw what you’ve done!” Perhaps if the poor chap was a magician and there was a false bottom in the coffin he might stand a chance.

Still, what would happen? Would the sun turn blood red? Would there be an unexplained lunar eclipse? Would the Miami Dolphins have a winning season? Certainly there would need to be some sort of a sign, otherwise how would we know it happened?

And how could we know who it was unless there were some random person who heard it happen? I’m pretty sure that person would be the next one to try the seemingly impossible feat. I think I’ll get the largest coffin I can find so I at least have a sporting chance. I think I’ll buy a smart casket and use one of those programs that allows you to create and send text messages at a later time. Talk about freaking some people out!

2 thoughts on “He’d Roll Over In His Grave!!!!!

  1. As a former funeral home worker, I know for sure they’re packed pretty tight in a standard casket even after I lowered them down with the casket key. We’d have to dig them back up to be absolutely sure they rolled over. lol. I imagine this happened in the past when people were buried alive. Yikes. That’s probably where the phrase came from.

    Funny, Right before I read this, I was just watching one of my favorite Youtube Channels – Ask a Mortician – and the topic was “Dying Fat: Your funeral options” basically if you want to turn over, get a custom, plus sized casket. lol.

    Wicked sense of humor – pre-timed text messages! A lot of people want spring-loaded caskets that play Pop goes the weasel too.

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