My GPS Is An Idiot And A Genius!!!!

Since I set my GPS to a female voice, every time someone insults her intelligence, I am deeply offended and become incredibly defensive. I even punched a friend in the face because he wouldn’t stop.

On Friday night, Heather and I attended our first Major League Soccer match. Neither of us remembered exactly how to get there so I input the name of the stadium in my trusty GPS. She soon began giving directions, which my wife chose to ignore. She even insulted the GPS.

She said “That stupid thing is sending us the wrong way.” I told her that the device always chose the fastest way to get to the destination. Heather said, “Well she didn’t choose this one right. I said, “Maybe, but you’re not aware of traffic conditions.” She said, “Neither are you.” I said, “No, but she does.”

As we entered the ill advised freeway, it was completely jammed up. Since I wanted neither a divorce, fight or any sort of punishment, I didn’t say a word. I did look out my window and smiled some. I will say that Heather stuck to her route and the traffic did lighten up and we made it in plenty of time. I’ll call that one a tie. To myself.

14 thoughts on “My GPS Is An Idiot And A Genius!!!!

  1. But what was the result of the game? We in the UK have an unalienable right to know the result of every soccer game (and who got yellow cards, was any one ‘red-carded’. How many corner kicks there were. Which side had the most shots on goal…..I haven’t even got down to other important stuff….)

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      1. Oh well never mind. We are all stats fiends over here when it comes to soccer. Just like folk who seriously follow NFL games, baseball and so on. Love those stats (I’m a 100% positive on that)

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  2. It’s time they invented the GPS that insult the drivers back. lol I’ve never been to a Soccer sporting event. But I was a great soccer player in H.S!

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      1. People on Youtube post 80’s commercials ALL the Time. But they do it in bulk, so you’d have to sift through the years to see if it pops up. I like when the person lists all the commercials in the video. Maybe some of yours will be on there. 😀

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      1. Thanks! If they had a team i would’ve tried to join. It was the only sport I really enjoyed. But I did do Softball. I was pretty good at that too.

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