Seriously?? That’s Your Answer???

Heather and I were playing ‘Trivial Pursuit’ with some friends when one of the other guys got the question, ‘If you’re in a vacuum and someone calls your name, could you hear it?’ He told thought it over and asked, “Is it on or off?” Knucklehead.

Playing games with friends or family can be very dangerous to the relationships. Especially if you cheat like me… I mean like others do and get caught. No more game night, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Come to think of it, no holidays with relatives you don’t like would be pretty cool.

No more rushing around trying to hit every house in the family or worse yet, hosting a dinner party for everyone. It’s so exhausting! And there’s always one who won’t go away, no matter how late it is. The only thing I can think of in that case is where to hide the body.

When everyone finally leaves, you still have an hours worth of work to do just cleaning up the kitchen. I hate that. So now on every holiday Heather tells everyone I’m in the hospital and can’t receive visitors. It’s awesome. It might be easier to just cheat at the games.

6 thoughts on “Seriously?? That’s Your Answer???

  1. I tried a ploy on Cluedo once ‘You’re all coming down to the station to establish alibies….You have the right to remain silent…….’
    Didn’t work.

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  2. Not only do people cheat, they get so competitive! lol It can truly make or break friendships. I’ll never forget when a bunch of the guys got together to play RISK, the world conquering game. Man did it get loud! But it was so funny, my bf was in the background shouting “MY MUSTACHE IS SHRINKING!!” As he took over Europe.

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