They’re Coming To Get Me!!!!!

I went to the book store yesterday to do some research on anxiety. I asked the clerk of they had any books about paranoia. He leaned over and whispered, “They’re right behind you!” I soiled myself.

Anxiety and paranoia are no fun at all. In fact those of us who suffer from them realize that they cause horrible effects. In my case, it’s seizures. Others have migraines while others faint. It’s no fun.

Even when I was a kid I was over anxious. I remember being at my grandma’s house and telling her I was hungry. She started looking through the refrigerator trying to find something I would like. She excitedly said “Oh, here’s some left over chili!” I said, “Based on how excited you were when you found it, I’m going to pass.”

My brother is worse. He called me at three o’clock in the morning last week and told me he was having an anxiety attack. He said, “All day long I feel as if people are following me everywhere I go!” I said, “I’m, you’re a tour guide!” and hung up.

4 thoughts on “They’re Coming To Get Me!!!!!

  1. LOL @ “You’re a Tour Guide!” That’d be my response if my sister called me at 3am. I can imagine it’s no joke to feel that way from time to time. She says for her its like a pressure on the chest and she can’t breathe.

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