I’m Not Going To Jail!!!

The police here don’t have a very good sense of humor. I saw a flyer that read ‘Man wanted for robbery in Ogden. Contact Ogden Police.’ I went into the police station with the flyer and asked to apply for the job. I thought it was funny.

Some people just need to laugh more. At your place of business, have you noticed that people, usually the same ones, complain about the company and/or their jobs every single day? It doesn’t even matter what the company management does, they’ll just never be happy.

What a shame! I think if I were the boss I would make the loudest complainer employee of the month. That might shut them up until they’re not chosen the following month. I would also form a committee, making these people in charge of morale. That would be funny.

People need to have fun! In the heat of the summer, shrink wrap the boss’s car. The whole thing. Page famous people over the intercom or some other funny ones like, “Bob Frapples to security, please.” Fill someone’s car full of shredded paper. Put dog poo on the brake pedal. Get creative but have fun!!

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Going To Jail!!!

  1. oh my, sounds like childhood gags! Like Ring and Run. Once my friends and I put baggie dog poop in the public mailbox. I cannot remember why. If I knew some kid did that today, I’d be furious! lol

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