I Don’t Think He’s Going To Make It!!!

Last week I had an appointment with a cardiologist. I saw a sign on the door that read ‘8 – 5’. I left immediately. I’m sure I can find one with better odds than that.

I am so sick of going to doctors appointments. In fact if I got all of the student loans it would take to get through med school, it would be cheaper than what I pay now. Much cheaper. Plus if I turn out to be a good doctor, my employer would probably pay off that debt.

Sure, I’d be something like 140 years old by the time I finish school, but I’d probably get free health care while I’m going to school and working. I had another cancer scare last week. I noticed a large lump under the muscle in my arm pit. I had to get a sonogram and wait for the result. Ugh. But, just a harmless tumor.

I won’t need to have it removed unless it keeps growing. It’s large enough to give it a name. I just call him Bo because my armpits stink when I sweat. I have a huge one in my back that I just call it my Mother-in-law because it’s irritating and won’t go away.

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