Who Says You Can’t Take It With You????

I told Heather I figured out how take money with me when I croak. “I’ll put a bag of cash in the attic directly over the bed and then grab it on my way up to Heaven.” She said, “Good plan, but I think you should put it in the basement.”

I think there can be no money in Heaven because of the corruption that goes hand in hand with the love of it. Many people misquote the Bible and say that money is the root of all evil. It isn’t so. The ‘love’ of money is the root of all evil is the correct quote. Think about all of the horrible things that are done for the love of money.

I don’t love money, but I kind of like it. That doesn’t appear to be a problem. It sure beats having none. I guess there will be no currency at all in Heaven. I’m sure that’s what is best, but I really enjoy walking around with a 20 dollar bill in my pocket. Well I used to anyway. I’m married now so that is no longer the case.

I read the streets are paved with gold up there so obviously the eternal stock market will need to devalue that commodity. I’m pretty sure we’ll be working up there but without pay? Is that legal? I’ll need to consult an attorney when I get there. Oh, I forgot. They won’t be there. I guess love will be the only thing exchanged. That will be awesome.

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