Hello? I’m sure that will be my last word spoken in this lifetime when one of those really scary intruders is in my darkened house.

It’s not like you’re answering the phone or meeting some random and harmless person in broad daylight at a marionette store. Ok, forget that example. If you’re both in a creepy puppet store, you’re most likely both nuts.

I know that word has helped make Adel a lot of money, but that’s not my point. Why say anything at all? Grab your wrist rocket with some rocks (why would you have rocks in your room? I have no idea! I can’t think of everything!) and slowly head down the stairs. If you have a clear shot, take it and quickly move to a different location.

The worst thing you can do is make yourself known with no weapon whatsoever. That’s just stupid. I think everyone should own a cassowary. It’s a bird that can kill a human with just one kick. Send it down first. There’s no way the guy will be expecting a cassowary.

2 thoughts on “Hello????

  1. LOL! I always have to shake my head in scary films when the characters call out loud in the dark rooms, knowing there’s a killer/monster lurking about. Never fails.

    Not only did “Hello” make a Adele a ton of money, it made Lionel Richie a fortune too… “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” ~(˘▾˘~)

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