Hey!! Watch Out!!!

I saw a sign that read ‘Signal ahead”. I told Heather to stop the car about 10’ ahead and began frantically waving down cars. I fired a flare gun. The fire department came and quickly doused the fire started from the gun. I even got a citation! Sweet!

I don’t think we can take chances when we’re warned. I never eat those little moisture packets that come in New shoes and medicine bottles. Ever. They wouldn’t take the time and spend the money on the message if they didn’t mean it.

There are many warnings of we just pay close attention. Here are just a few :

4 thoughts on “Hey!! Watch Out!!!

  1. Great selection!
    There’s a very ominous sign on one of our local roads which says ‘Beware of Badgers’
    How big is that local strain I wonder?

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      1. Scene: Night time on deserted road. Teens in car being loud and silly.
        Cut to: Shuffling in grass and bushes and ominous music. And sign ‘Beware of badgers’
        Cut to: Car stopping and teens getting out to laugh at sign and being lewd.
        Cut to: Shuffling, louder music, and snarling.
        Cut to: Screaming teens.
        What do you reckon?

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