I’m going to get a Lyft grown Uber today?? Is that legal???

I have an appointment today so I’m trying both services. Uber and Lyft. Why both? Because I don’t care about the cost and it will be fun for me. I’ll have Uber drive me about a mile and then have Lyft do the same. Then Uber again, etc. Can’t wait!

Realistically, I fully expect to be left stranded by some graffiti tattered rail cars where I’ll be mugged and robbed. I have a plan for that, too. I’ll just call the police who will take me to the local police station for questioning and then either give me a ride home or if I call someone and tell them I was mugged and robbed they will rush to get me home.

It’s flawless, except I’ll never be able to use Uber or Lyft ever again. Who could blame them? On the other hand, they picked up a comedian. What do they expect? I could probably count them out as audience members of I’m ever able to make a comeback.

What if I’m looking at this backwards? What if the drivers are nuts and drive me to Lone Pine, California? It could happen. They might catch on to my little prank and decide to one-up me? Actually, that would be about 500-uping me. As much as I love Lone Pine, I don’t think I could get Heather to move there, so I’d need to hitch rides back.

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