Get Me Out Of Here!!!!

A valuable lesson last night. Wait to perform assigned duties. If you make the mistake of doing something without being told, looking for ‘What a great husband’ points, DON’T! It’s a trap! Not only will she ignore it, she’ll just give you another assignment!

I don’t know what, why or how the female mind works. I know! No clue. All I know for sure is that it’s scary in there. The classic horror movie was ‘What Women Want!, starring Mel Gibson. I know! He could hear all of their thoughts. All of them! In the end it all worked out for him but if it had been me, I would have put a bullet through my head.

I’d be more lost than a character in the ‘Jurassic Park’ series. I’d be more lost than Jimmy Hoffa. More lost than Amelia Earhart. More lost than DB Cooper. You get the idea. I would be an absolute loon. I don’t think if it were even a five minute stay I would never again realize my sanity.

Then comes ‘The Change’. Ahhhh! I don’t have to deal with that yet, thankfully, but I’m going to start reading about it now. I think it typically lasts up to five years. FIVE YEARS! Seriously, when that day arrives, I want to be very understanding and helpful because I love my wife and want to live.

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