Same Difference?? What The Heck???

I heard a guy call a woman by the wrong name. She corrected him and he said, “Same difference.” That makes no sense to me. It’s like when my Uncle told me this joke; “What’s the difference between a duck? One leg is bigger than the other.”

I have no idea what either of the two mean. I think my Uncle is in the looney bin now, so his joke now kind of makes a bit more sense coming from a lunatic. But what about the people who use the ‘same difference’ phrase?

Frankly, those guys are scary. It really makes me wonder what is going on in their brain? Has something really gone haywire? I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I can understand if it’s a math problem. ‘If you had four apples and gave two away, and had 4 oranges and gave two away, it would be the same diffe…’ No, it doesn’t even work that way.

Now I’m really confused. How about this? If you don’t like the lady and she corrects you when you call her something else, just say something sensitive like, “Who cares?” Problem solved and I won’t have to obsess about something so trivial. Then again, maybe I should be the one who gets locked up.

2 thoughts on “Same Difference?? What The Heck???

  1. LOL!! Who cares?

    The “same difference” people are the ones who think every person with slanted eyes is Chinese. Or every brown person is from India, or black person from Africa. Or that it doesn’t matter if they’re from Ireland or Scotland, Sweden or Norway, Germany or Austria, it’s the same difference. LOL

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