She Sneezed! Run For Your Life!!!

Last night we were watching ‘A Quiet Place’. Suddenly, Heather sneezed and I wet myself.

What a great movie, but not to be watched at home on the fourth of July or New Years Day. Unexpected noises will freak you out! It’s kind of like when your mother in law announces without warning that she’ll be staying with you for a few weeks. Where can you hide?

I really enjoy watching these alien monster movies unless the critter makes its entrance by playing ‘pop goes the weasel’ in some guy’s gut. I’ll never forget that scene in ‘Alien’. Neither will those around us in the theater because I not only screamed like a little girl, I also demanded to have the lights turned up for the remainder of the movie.

Whatever happened to the days when there was just one monster (Lon Chaney, Dick’s grandpa) like the mummy who would extend his arms and walk slower than a fat guy with gout? Somehow those were scary because the monster always caught people slower than him. The creatures today are lean, smart, mean and faster than Forrest Gump running from those rotten kids with rocks.

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