Independence Day? Are You Nuts???

I wonder if people in prison celebrate Independence Day.

I think the whole incarceration thing would probably squash the enthusiasm for celebrating the thankfulness for freedom. Maybe they could get red white and blue Jell-O instead of the horrid fruit cup.

I’m really not trying to make light of the inmates conditions or the fact that there are some good people in the joint and even some innocent ones. I’m a sicko comedian and this is where my mind goes. I can’t control it.

I think every jail or prison should have a live fireworks show. What could possibly go wrong? Sure, there’s the outside chance that one of the professional fireworks technicians is a former inmate hired for his knowledge of explosives. He might even smuggle some festive devices for the inmates to make the day a little more fun.

Um, let me think that one over. Angry prisoners with bottle rockets and M80s? Maybe not so good after all. We should stick with the Jell-O idea.

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