50 Shades Of Grey’s Anatomy!!!

We’ve been binge watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to the point where I think I’m like that kid in ‘Sixth Sense’. I see dead people. Lots of ’em.

The medical shows on TV, especially Grey’s Anatomy, are fun because you never know who Shonda Rhimes is going to kill off next. I know! If I was an actor on that show I would have so much anxiety, I would probably give Shonda a gift every day. Like maybe cars, boats, jewelry; whatever I could think of just to keep from getting killed.

*spoiler alert*

That hospital has to be cursed or something. A couple of people who were shot by a crazy husband who’s wife died there didn’t bother me. They were obnoxious anyway. I’m a sicko now because when one of them took a bullet to the head I think I remember fist pumping and saying “Yes!”

Derek, Denney, Mark, Lexie, Adele, Heather, Ellis, George… The list goes on. If that were a real hospital, I wouldn’t care how much they paid me, there is no way I would work there. Plus, everybody is hooking up with somebody and cheating on each other – all of the time. I love the show. So Shonda, Who’s next?

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5 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Grey’s Anatomy!!!

  1. These long running shows translate into a bizarre world.
    In the UK Midsommer Murders enters its 20th season, this small seemingly idyllic piece of rural England has a death rate per head of population which would rival some of the most violent cities.
    Then there is the long running ‘soap’ ‘EastEnders’ . When you tally up the murders, beatings etc conducted by the folk in this very small portion of London and place it in reality, you would either not live there OR move there because criminal elements would be scared stiff to go there; all you need to do is stay indoors or when you venture out just smile and say ‘Hello there. You ok then?’ and don’t get involved!
    Then there’s my favourite ‘Star Trek’ (the original)….Imagine that in a WWII Pacific scenario….An aircraft carrier approaches an island where there may be Japanese soldiers…So the admiral, his XO, chief medical officer and two disposable ratings row ashore with sidearms…….

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      1. Thanks Jerry.
        Us trekkie fans in an office made that scenario up over 30 years ago. One guy might have worked on a script where ‘the admiral’ convinced the Japanese to surrender and set up their own democratic state (I think he was trying to work in a geisha girl too)

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  2. Sounds like they were trying to be the ‘LOST’ of Medical shows. I never really saw Grey’s Anatomy. Wasn’t into Medical drama, but I loved LOST.

    And then there’s Murder, She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher’s idyllic New England town is chock full of murder and mayhem. There’s been studies. And of course, a lot of people now believe Jessica was the culprit all along. I love that show and Angela Lansbury so much. haha.


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