What A Smart You Know What!!!

In a debate class, our teacher placed a chair at the front of the class. He told us to write a paper convincing him that the chair wasn’t real. Some kids wrote very creative and long arguments but mine was only two words and I got an A. It read, “What chair?”

I did something similar in a broadcasting class. Part of the curriculum was to learn the fine art of public speaking. The instructor stood at a podium with the goal to teach us how to properly handle the podium during a speech. He told us that the podium’s name was Alice and she was his girlfriend. I know!

He then told and showed us where we could and could not touch Alice. Somehow, I don’t think that concept would go over well today. When he finished, he gave us all a turn to try it out by giving a speech. One by one the kids got up and gave elaborate speeches while handling ‘Alice’ just as we were taught.

When my turn came around, I stood behind the podium with my hands properly placed on either side of the wooden top. I looked at the podium very thoroughly and gave my speech. I said, “Alice is a dog.” The class exploded with laughter and so did the teacher. Again, I got an A. There were plenty of times when my hijinks got me in a lot of trouble, but I prefer to remember the successes.

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