Flying Monkeys????

Before we got married, we had dinner with Heather’s parents. She told me that her Mom is opinionated and mean. I assured her I could stand up to her. I didn’t and Heather wanted to know why. I said “It got to the point where I was more afraid of the flying monkeys looming outside the restaurant.”

Actually, my Mother-in-law is a wonderful person and I love her. I say that because she reads this blog. Just kidding, she prints it out and burns it every day without reading it. At least I hope she doesn’t read it. I’ve written a lot of Mother-in-law jokes at her expense.

Come to think of it, even if she does burn it daily, it’s still on my website. So if she wanted to destroy it, she’d need to smash her cell phone everyday. That could get kind of expensive. I guess the obvious choice would be to just avoid the blog. Ok, yes. That’s the best option. I’m sure of it.

She really is a great lady. Just a lousy cook. To borrow a line from Rodney Dangerfield, I don’t think meatloaf is supposed to glow in the dark. Actually, she makes killer funeral potatoes. I know! Killer was probably not the best choice of words there. What are funeral potatoes? I’m not exactly sure but people here bring them to the gatherings following funerals and you’re expected to eat some. I’m just glad they don’t bring liver and onions instead.

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4 thoughts on “Flying Monkeys????

  1. Yay, more Mother-in-law jokes! The flying monkeys!! You’re too much. I’ve heard of the Funeral Ham, why not the funeral potatoes? LOL.

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