I Can’t Even Walk In A Straight Line!!!!

I used to date a woman who was completely obsessed with line dancing. It got so bad that she had to join a two step program.

I’ve never really been a dancer. I’m absolutely terrible at it. I have no rhythm. None. I’m like Steve Martin’s character in ‘The Jerk’. I’m the typical just kind of move and hope you don’t stink at it too badly guy. I just don’t like it. Fortunately, Heather is not a dancer either. I’m so grateful.

Line dancing nearly caused Heather and I to never even begin to date! I know! We were best friends and I was just being a knucklehead guy. We did a couple of shows and sometime during the night she asked me to go line dancing with her. I said ok but didn’t really want to. After the shows, I went down a couple of doors to a pub where I sat down at a table with some female fans.

Soon, Heather arrived with a dude who I didn’t like and told me it was time to go. I quickly weighed my options and only one meant I wouldn’t have to hang out with that dude. I stayed. They left. We all ended up back at the club owner’s house. She with the dude and I with one of the ladies who had simply dropped me off and was going home.

Heather didn’t really know what was going on and tried to make me jealous by hanging out with the other guy. It worked. I didn’t sleep that night and called her the next day to tell her that I thought we needed to be together. That was in 1996. We married in 1998. The lesson I learned is never go dancing. You can still get the girl! I sincerely hope she doesn’t read this.

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Even Walk In A Straight Line!!!!

  1. How sweet! I’m glad it worked. And of course she sees this post. lol I used to do line dancing in H.S. – it was a Folk dancing class we could elect to take instead of sports gym. I don’t remember them too well, but the big one at the time was ‘Elvira.’

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  2. LOL. We had at least one square dance in our line-up. You can’t escape it. But that was the 90’s. People were still bopping to Achy breaky heart too. lol

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