A Ghost!!!

We have a ghost in our house. I know! Actually I think it’s technically a ghostwriter. This morning I got up and my autobiography had been written.

Writing a book is really a long and arduous process requiring hard work and dedication. That’s probably why I haven’t released a new one in a few years. Well that and the fact that the other ones don’t sell.

I’ve written ‘The Twisted Musings of a Comedian I & II’ along with a couple of stand up comedy books to help people who want to get into the business and how to host a show properly, which is not easy to do. You can find them on Amazon or Barnes and Noble on line.

But enough shameless book plugs. Let’s get back to the ghost. I know it’s a guy because there are Cheeto crumbs all over my computer, plus he spelled my name wrong. I’m pretty sure he was drunk too because there are two bottles of wine missing. Stupid ghost. The least he could do is clean up after himself.

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