You’re Not Cutting It!!!

A hair salon opened right across the street from our old established barber shop. They put up a sign: “WE GIVE SIX DOLLAR HAIR CUTS!” The barber put up his own sign: “WE FIX SIX DOLLAR HAIR CUTS!” Brilliant!

I’ve gone to the same place to get my hair cut for 15 years. It’s not really expensive, they always do a great job. Plus I tip well so someone is always in a hurry to finish so they get the extra money. Yeah, the people who they hurry with probably get a less than desirable cut but who cares? As long as I get mine, that’s all that matters.

I once went to a very expensive hair salon in Beverly Hills just to see if there was a difference. As I waited, they offered me free, really good champaign. Nice touch. It was a Jose Eber salon. After two glasses of the champaign, I was a little buzzed. Suddenly I found myself getting my hair washed by two women. Two! I know! Who needs that?

Then when I got the cut, they didn’t even ask how I wanted it cut. They use their creative ‘genius’ to choose the right style for you. The dude even suggested that I color my hair. No thanks. $200 later I found myself on my way to my regular stylist to repair the mess they created. We all laughed about it as I looked in the mirror and sighed a sigh of relief.

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