I’m Going To Do It!!

I finally realize that I need to join a gym and get in shape. I’ll work out for a full year. Let’s see, I pick 2028.

There was a time when Heather and I went to the gym Monday through Saturday and really worked out hard. We really became addicted to exercise. I know! We were on a program called ‘Body for Life’ and it required unwavering devotion to eating very healthy and working out. We had a personal trainer too.

Body for Life turned out to be body for 12 weeks. We went on vacation just after finishing the program and that was it. We didn’t go back to the gym after we got back home. Crazy. What a waste. The longer we went without workouts the worse it became because we knew that the muscle pain would start all over again.

I now have access to gyms everywhere but I don’t go. Why? Because I hate to take showers with other people! I hate that. Get your head out of the gutter and let’s move on. If a gym served burgers and fries, I’d go everyday. I’m not kidding. You don’t have to shower after eating a cheeseburger. Problem solved. Plus, my jaw muscles would really get in shape. I’m pretty sure that qualifies.

I know people who go to hospitals to have lunch. I know! The food is usually good and inexpensive. Still, I don’t know if the ambiance is healthy. I think if a person is even considering the hospital as a meal destination, they should go to the hospital and check in the psych ward.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Going To Do It!!

  1. I’m sure the food is inexpensive but I’m not sure about inadvertently overhearing the details of staff’s recent work experiences…..

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