You’re Ugly!!!

I think it’s weird to hear ‘adding insult to injury’. Why would anyone do that? Tell someone who is clearly injured, “You’re ugly and your Mama is fat too.” That’s mean. Give them an ice cream cone. That’s sweet.

This would be a clear cut case of bullying. Kicking someone when they’re down is cowardly, unless you really despise the person. What??? No! Bullying is never ok! Unless the person is an entitled jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he comes from a rich family. Stop it!!!

I’m yelling at myself! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. It’s so liberating. I feel so much better now, except for my other personality who just got yelled at. He needs therapy. He needs love. He needs kindness. He needs an exorcist.

So the next time you feel like insulting someone, make sure they’re not injured. Tell them you’re a doctor and do a thorough exam including a CT scan just to be sure. Then right after you give him the good news, let him have it. Insult away.

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