That’s Not Even Funny!!!

I hate it when someone says “It hurt so bad it wasn’t even funny.” It isn’t supposed to be funny. You got hurt. It shouldn’t be funny unless you’re one of the Three Stooges. Those guys were funny!

I never have never understood that phrase and it’s used all the time. I don’t ever think it’s funny when I get hurt. Watching someone else take a shot to the groin or go flying off of a trampoline is hilarious! That’s why those video shows are still on the air.

People will never cease to do stupid things and the person at the ready with the video camera has to be anticipating disaster. I have a better idea. Put down the camera and call 911. You know that the guy who just sawed off the tree branch he was sitting on is going to need an ambulance.

But no. We definitely would prefer to see ourselves on TV instead of having a first responder stop the bleeding. Or the guy who decides to cut down the big tree in the yard. He calculates the fall with precision and then watches the tree take out the car port, the car and half of the roof to the house. That guy’s wife will never allow him to even touch a screwdriver for the remainder of his life.

7 thoughts on “That’s Not Even Funny!!!

  1. I bought an electric saw. My wife and elder daughter advised…nay forbade me to use it on cutting down trees, instead we paid for the job, I am allowed to cut up the logs on the ground…..Probably the best outcome.

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