The Lights Are On, But… You Get It.

My knucklehead friend is not computer savvy. He called a tech who asked, “Ok, now which lights are on?” My friend said, “Let’s see, the kitchen, the office, of course and the refrigerator; that thing is on 24/7.”

Some people just don’t understand computers. I understand that if they’re elderly, although my Mom has it nailed. Facebook, Facetime, texting, all of it. In fact at one point in her life she used to write code for NASA that controlled the Space Shuttles!

Ok, I lied about the Space Shuttle thing. They were test rockets. No, I need to stop lying. I know! But she understands computers and her iPhone better than most people in their mid 80’s. The problem is they over think it. The phone looks complicated but of course is such an easy device to use.

My Mother-in-law is a sweet lady, but can’t figure out a thing on her iPhone. We show her again and again how to respond to text messages Which is so easy. Push the text button on the bottom of the phone, read a text and reply. Now if I can just figure out this Snap Chat thingy.

2 thoughts on “The Lights Are On, But… You Get It.

  1. I’m relatively young – late thirties – It took me until 2009 to get my first Cell Phone. lol I’ve never used Snapchat to this day. I’m not big on pictures or selfies.

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