I’m Going To Miss My Flight!!!

I stayed in a hotel that was so old they sent me a wake up letter.

Ah, the glamor of stand up comedy. The lights! The audience! A microphone and a stool! That’s all a comedian needs. Oh, plus something to say. Plus the ‘something’ needs to be very funny. Funny enough to make any group of strangers laugh for about an hour.

And let’s just say that at times the accommodations are less than desirable. In fact some of the rooms in an old hotel are condemned. I know! I’m not kidding! If you’re on a ‘hell gig’ one nighter run, there are rooms where the sheets are duct taped together.

You can sometimes hear rats running around chewing inside the walls. Ah, but the show. It makes it all worth it. NOT! I knew about these places ahead of time and demanded they rent me a room in a motel. They would get mad and reluctantly comply and I knew I had better do a great show or next time it wouldn’t be worth the extra money.

It’s just life on the road as a comic breaking into the biz. If you’re able to get through it, and if you’re consistent in having fun on stage so people bug the owner/manager when you’ll be back, you’ll move up the food chain and start working comedy clubs. Then you’ll appreciate where you’re working and staying. In the end, I guess the whole process is worth it. Even the duct taped sheets.

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