You’re Way Too Short!!!

I have some brilliant friends (opposites attract) who are very quick witted. One of them writes CliffNotes for a living. I asked him about the process and he said, “Well, to make a long story short…”

Yeah, I should have known. Who was this guy ‘Cliff’? It couldn’t be Cliff from ‘Cheers’ because his stories were usually worse than watching C-Span. At some point you just want to end the misery but your brain has been turned into such mush, you no longer recall how to use the remote.

Also, aren’t using CliffNotes kind of cheating? You’re supposed to read the entire book, right? I know! So as long as you use CliffNotes instead of Google it’s ok? That’s like trying to pass a urine test by… Wait, that was a horrible example.

OK, the 411. (I’m so street) CliffNotes was started by a guy named Clifton Hillegass in 1958. He met the owner of Coles, a Canadian company who started the process calling them Coles Notes. Cliff bought the rights for the United States.

Cliff was even sort of cheating by buying someone else’s work! To clear up the name confusion, the commonly known name was originally Cliff’s Notes, then CliffsNotes and now simply CliffNotes. I knew the Canadians were behind this whole thing.

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