I Can’t Make It!!!

Each time I called in to wherever I worked a regular job to tell the boss I couldn’t come in, I tried to make it amusing. Once I told the guy that my car wouldn’t start. He said, “How about the bus?” I said, “I don’t own a bus” and hung up.

Comedy is different. The show must go on at any cost! I’ve risked my life to get to gigs on time even during blizzards, white outs and ice storms. There’s just something about a show that makes it worthwhile to go to any lengths to get there.

The worst part was when I would risk everything to do get to the venue on time only to hear the owner say, “Is that tonight? I thought it was next week.”. Then they would tell us we weren’t getting paid and we would have to pay for our hotel rooms. I know!

Ah, the glamor of showbiz always in hope of the magical night when someone is there with the right connections and they want to sign a contract. Very rarely happens. I was one of the fortunate ones. Two guys in suits approached me after my show and wanted to have a meeting!

Turns out it was at the police station and I was arrested because I had 2,612 unpaid parking tickets, but I still got to sign a contract to pay the money owed – and it turned out to be a 90 day gig!

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