You Can’t Take It!!!

I think car thieves are idiots. I would be a repo man instead.. You still get to steal cars, it’s legal and you get paid! I would probably only repo mopeds and scooters though because even if they catch me, what are those guys gonna do?

I think there’s a repo reality show on television. It’s really quite stupid, I think. If I was behind in my payments I would definitely watch every single episode to learn all of their tricks of their trade so I could stay one step ahead of them.

In fact, I think I’m going to stop making payments on my car starting now. Since the repo process won’t begin for a few months, I’ll bet I could beat them at the game. I’ll rent a storage unit to park it in, pay cash under an assumed name. Then I’ll pay cash for an older car to drive. I know! Brilliant!

Sure, I’ll never get to drive my newer car again and my credit will be destroyed and eventually I’ll get sued, but I’ll win!! I can feel the rush right now. Besides, I might even see myself on one of the episodes. Wish me luck!

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