It’s Too Tight!!!

Nothing in my size fits me anymore.

I have to believe there is a conspiracy in the clothing business to alter the sizes, rendering pants, shirts, whatever too small to wear. Now we must buy all new clothing, making these slimy companies billions.

I’m sure I haven’t changed sizes. I’m in one of those dilemmas right now. First I try to lose weight. It is so hard to do because I swear my body has remained the same form for decades. Proof of the conspiracy. To counter this diabolical plan, I will purchase the ‘larger’ sizes but replace the labels to the proper size.

Who am I kidding? I’ve gained weight over the years that most of us in our golden years find difficult to take off. I exercise at least once a month and still nothing. I’ve cut down on pizza to just twice a week. I know! Nothing seems to work.

I also take a medication for seizures that a nutritionist says fights weight loss with a vengeance. I didn’t even tell him that I was taking it. I guess I’ll keep giving it minimal effort and expect maximum results while blaming the apparel industry.

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