I’m Waiting!!!

65 years ago today I was only 1,131 days away from being born. Where does the time go?

Yeah, crazy thought. My parents never even saw it coming. In fact they were so surprised when my Mom found out she was pregnant with me, they picked out a girl’s name. I know! I forget what the name was, but I think it was Guadalupe Consueala Sofía Luciana Mabbott. I’m pretty sure that was it.

What a shocker to them when I was born. They had to quickly come up with a boys name, so they called me Jerry Consueala Sofía Luciana Mabbott. They said they wanted to preserve our Latino heritage, of which we had none. Strange.

The other thing they were absolutely not prepared for was having a comedian in the family. My oldest brother is an Executive VP for a huge corporation, my sister is awesome in the field of law, one of my other brothers is a Superintendent for a school district and the other is the General Manager of a large company in Los Angeles. I chose comedy. I know!

My Dad was not at all happy about it. In fact it took him years to come to a show. I think he was pretty surprised at the success of the show because he began actually admitting to his friends what I did for a living. Lots of surprises. Beginning with my birth.

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