How Is That Even Possible????

I dreamed I was talking to a dog when she said I would going to an exotic island and would be held captive by 327 turtles. Fortunately they are slow so I escaped. I woke up to realize it was all true. I’m exhausted.

Dreams can be really awesome, boring, peaceful and sometimes just really weird and stressful. I think we all dream but some people don’t remember their dreams but most do. My wife has the strangest of dreams. I love to hear all about them because they’re insane. Crazy. Nutso.

They’re always so adventurous and fun. I want those too so I started taking her medication as you can tell by the first paragraph, I think it’s working. I’m just kidding. I know you’re not supposed to take someone else’s medication so I only do it on the last Wednesday of the month. Also every other Sunday. And every Saturday, but that’s all.

I love dreams where I meet up with old friends with whom I haven’t spoken with in a very long time. Last week I dreamed I got together with Wyatt Earp. He had many interesting stories to tell. He liked Kurt Russell’s version of him but hated Kevin Costner’s attempt. Me too.

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3 thoughts on “How Is That Even Possible????

  1. These days my dreams are like browsing through Netflix as if all the script writers and directors had been taking recreational substances.

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