What Do You Mean I’m Broke???

A ‘Budget’ is simply a method for going broke methodically.

I used to create our home budget a year out but invariably I would forget some things and have to make a new one. Oh, and we were broke too. I finally gave up. Ok, my wife insisted that she take over the finances, but still…

Can you believe it? She said she no longer trusted my methods. I know! The nerve. She got lucky on the first try because we somehow began saving money, paying bills on time, yada, yada, yada. Whatever. I’m sure I would have gotten there too. I just needed another 14 years.

Money stress is a horrible thing. Every day it hangs on you like a weight around your neck that seems to get heavier over time. Living direct deposit to direct deposit isn’t easy and just seems to make life miserable.

You can’t really go on trips or do much of anything that costs money. You turn in your change just to buy gas. You know what I’m talking about. The worst is when you try to get money from an ATM and it gives you a jolt of electricity and a voice says, “You idiot, you know there’s no money in your account.” That hurts.

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Mean I’m Broke???

  1. A friend of mine had this attitude ‘ Deficit Budgeting! What was good enough for FDR, is good enough for me!’…. I don’t know if his bank manager quite saw it that way.
    The old saying in Britain from the Victorian and Edwardian times was….
    ‘If a man owes the bank £50, they will pursue him, and take him to court. If a man owes the bank £1,000, they will place him on the board of directors,

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