My Dog Is A Genius!!!

Who is smarter, you or your dog? A psychologist is selling a video to test your dog’s IQ. Here’s how it works… If you spend any money on the video the dog wins.

Most dogs are very smart. Most can learn tricks and some of them are quite elaborate. They are much more aware of our surroundings than we’ll ever be. Most are also very protective. I say most because it wouldn’t matter who the stranger breaking in is, one of our dogs would be happy to make his acquaintance.

Our other dog doesn’t really like anyone except us and a couple of our friends. She will bark the entire time they are here. Her bark is loud and sounds vicious, so unless my wife has put a contract out on me, the potential of an intruder breaking in its doubtful.

Crooks don’t want to mess with dogs. They’ll move on to a much less stressful target. Dogs bite and that’s not fun. Sure, it is a hazard of the job but if they’re smart they’ll just walk away from the barking and go somewhere where the pet is a gold fish. I’ve yet to see a goldfish attack a human.

Sea monkeys are completely the opposite. They are really quite vicious. They look harmless and in fact children are encouraged to buy them! That’s crazy! Um, wait a minute, those are actually piranhas. They are very vicious and will hurt you badly if you’re not careful.

When you clean the aquarium, put the fish in the bathtub. I highly recommend that you let everyone in the house know where you put them, just for their own safety.

Protect those you love. Don’t buy piranhas. It’s just not smart. Please and thank you.

2 thoughts on “My Dog Is A Genius!!!

  1. Tragic tale from the UK.
    As a deterrent against burglars this chap bought a Rottweiler.
    Came home one day, house burgled and the Rottweiler gone too. What annoyed him the most was as no one can actually move a Rottweiler unless it wants to be moved, he could only conclude the dog had cheerfully followed the burglars out.

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