It’s A Rug, It’s For Real, It’s Weird!!!

One think I’ve learned from studying science and the Bible is there is a reason for everything except for Donald Trump’s hair. Like him or not, he has the craziest hair of all former presidents. As David Letterman used to put it, “That thing on Donald Trump’s head.”I remember the last time President Trump was on The Tonight Show. He wasn’t president yet and Jimmy Fallon asked Trump if he could mess up Trump’s hair. Everyone was surprised when Trump agreed. It was hilarious!I wonder, though, if President Trump’s hair sometimes short circuits his brain while tweeting. It happens. I knew a guy got hit by a garbage truck and suddenly only spoke perfect French Canadian and as a result became a jerk.That’s not to say that all French Canadians are jerks, just most of them. I did not have good experiences during my many visits there. Even the maple syrup had an angry aftertaste. I know they want to become their own independent country and I think the rest of Canada should let them. They sully the reputation of the wonderful Canadian people. And let’s see if we can get President Trump into a hairpiece.Click here for more than 1,300 short FREE and funny blogs!

3 thoughts on “It’s A Rug, It’s For Real, It’s Weird!!!

  1. Quebec is all our fault. We did insist on keeping it when we snatched it off the French in the Seven Years War….. Mind you that was the sort of thing that went on a lot in those days. The French paid us back in 1776.
    And what is it with hair these days?
    Have you seen our Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson? (It used to such a dignified office….oh well

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