You’re Fired.. Hired.. Get Out!!

During a job interview, the interviewer told me that this position really needs a very responsible person. I said, “I’m your man! At every job I’ve had, when ever there was a major problem they said I was responsible.” She was not amused.

I think a good sense of humor should never be overlooked in a candidate for a job. Humor in the workplace cannot be underestimated. It keeps things fun when problems arrive, morale is low or there is a lot of tension. In the jobs I’ve held, I was that guy.

One of my first jobs was at the McDonald’s in my hometown of Eureka, California. I was the milk shake guy, eventually promoted to the french fry guy. I know! They had just installed timers at every work station and the manager would walk around and turn them off and check on product quality and production. It was a crazy process when it was really busy.

I learned to mimic the timer sounds and began to loudly make the sounds when the guy was turning them off. He couldn’t seem to turn them all off, leading him to make several rounds throughout the kitchen and finally yelling, “MABBOTT!!”. Everyone laughed except for him. He obviously had no sense of humor. Even the customers thought it was funny.

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