Hate Crime!!!

I think if you aren’t chosen to be a contestant on a game show purely because you’re not dressed in a crazy costume, not jumping up and down screaming and acting like a crazy person it should be considered a hate crime.

I’ve noticed that none of these wacko contestants ever wins a weapon of any kind. Great policy. I think it should be taken a step further. I think the application to purchase a gun of any kind should include the question ‘Have you ever been a contestant on The Price is Right or even been in the audience of Let’s Make a Deal?

If the answer is yes, it’s an automatic rejection and homeland security should begin monitoring this person immediately. In fact, perhaps more drastic measures should be taken. As the contestants are ushered out of the studio, they could walk right into a huge mobile looney bin.

A one week stay in the actual psych ward would be mandatory with an ankle bracelet for life. Plus they would be banned from watching any game shows for the rest of their lives. Harsh? Maybe, but I think we have to deal with the obvious crazies who require no testing first.

This is a great idea!

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