The Grizzly Ate Him???

I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro yesterday. I was bored just hanging around the house. It was pretty cold. Wait… or was it just cold when I opened the freezer? Nope. Pretty sure it was Kilimanjaro.

I don’t know how people make climbs like that or even why. I know that completing the climb offers a great sense of achievement because a dear friend of mine did it. I know! I get winded just climbing the stairs in my house.

For some, the answer is simply “Because it is there.” I don’t mean to criticize but many people have died trying to complete a major conquest because ‘it was there.’ Remember the guy who used to live with grizzly bears? He kept saying that people thought he was crazy because they just didn’t understand. Turns out the people were right. There’s a reason we keep our distance from them. They find us delicious!

There are many very dangerous hikes where the path is thin and the drop is very far, yet people hike it. A word of caution if you plan on going on one of these hikes with an angry spouse. Make sure you stay about 15 feet behind them and don’t stop at the cliff’s edge to take a snapshot. I’ve seen too many 48 Hours episodes to know it’s not a great idea.

You won’t find me on a hike like that. I have fallen down our stair case three times, resulting in knee surgery each time. Yeah, I’m pretty clumsy. If I fall off of my couch, I won’t hurt myself at all. Much better I think.

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4 thoughts on “The Grizzly Ate Him???

  1. Quite right. Some modern sofa designs can be death-traps, you can sink right in and get smothered!
    Or your legs fly up in the air and you can’t make ground contact!

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