I Love Mimes!!!

A kid got a part in a school play and was very anxious to tell his parents. He said, I got a part in the play!! I play a man who has been married for 30 years!” His Dad said, “That’s great, son. Don’t quit acting. Maybe next time you’ll get a speaking part.”

Great words of wisdom for the lad. Too bad the guy said it unaware that his wife was in the room. The 130 pound woman took down the 250 pound Goliath with just for words, “You’re in big trouble!” Isn’t it amazing how we quickly fall in line after a scolding by our wives? At least I do.

I’m miserable when Heather is angry with me, although I don’t let it show. Ever. I usually just wait it out until I think things have calmed down and talk to her. Wrong move! I seem to always forget that women never get over a fight until they get it all out and make sure you listen.

Even if they pretend to let it go and you both apologize, it’s far from over. The next time you do something similar, watch out. That’s when it comes back with a vengeance only now you have two incidents to defend. Much more safe to just let her verbally destroy you the first time.

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