What??? It’s Fake???

I joined a poker game at an Eagles club. I was on fire! I ended up winning about two grand! I went to cash out and the guy said he would take a check. What? He said, “This is charity night. You donate the amount that you win! Thank you for your generosity!” Ugh.

There was a similar story on a ‘King of Queens’ episode where Arthur Spooner (one of the greatest television characters of all time) did much the same thing at a Catholic Church. Very funny episode.

It’s rather odd that was the only time I ever won even close to that amount. In every real casino I seem to either win very little or get cleaned out. One time I played at a higher stakes blackjack table because after all, a chip is a chip, right? The denomination shouldn’t matter.

Turns out it did. I got cleaned out faster than a monkey with the stomach flu. Hey, you don’t think those casinos actually cheat, do you? I’m sure they don’t. That would be illegal. I know! Then again, I remember being on a horrible losing streak and a dealer told me to take a good look around. He said, “This stuff doesn’t pay for itself.” I thanked him as I walked away and out of the casino.

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