They Hurt What???

My wife hates to return items, so I do it. Last time she bought a pair of jeans a size smaller than usual. When I returned them, the customer service rep asked if there was anything wrong with them. I said, “They hurt my wife’s feelings.”

I think most ladies get very disappointed when they buy something in a store and discover at home they don’t fit. My wife gets so upset about it and then I do too because I hate to see her upset plus I know I’ll be returning them. Ugh.

If you are one of the people who buys these clothes, I’ve got three words for you. TRY THEM ON! I know! They have fitting rooms for a reason. I know it’s kind of a hassle to try everything on before making the purchase, but for the love of Pete, please take the time. I don’t know who Pete is and why we should do things for his love but it keeps me from swearing so it’s a good thing.

The worst is when she buys stuff on the internet. There’s no way to know if they’re going to fit. You would think it would be a safe bet to by the same exact item in the same size, but for some reason it doesn’t work that way. Then I have the hassle of returning them through a parcel carrier and hope they get there. I know they usually do but I can’t be the only one who watched ‘Castaway’.

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