Spring Time?? Ugh!!!

Spring is simply a prelude to the dog days of summer. If we skipped summer altogether we could have Spring and then Fall. That makes a lot more sense.

I know many people love summer. Therefore they love Spring, the gateway to 100 degree weather or even hotter. No thank you. Years ago, we lived in such a place and had no air conditioning. I know! Since I was doing radio, I got off work quite a bit earlier than Heather did so I saw every single movie in the cool theaters at least twice.

I don’t understand it, but to each his own. I like it cold, some like it hot. It’s a fact of life. Some people I know live in very hot places and spend all of their time in air conditioned buildings. This really baffles me. I understand people who live in the South and tolerate the heat and humidity because when it’s all done, there are gorgeous trees and rivers.

What is there to see in the desert? Cactus? Snakes? Scorpions? No thank you. Seriously, maybe someone can explain it to me. I really don’t get it. Even the homeless, like birds head south for the winter. I don’t blame them. It’s horrible trying to sleep outside in the cold and there are only so many beds available for birds.

What if the air conditioning goes out in your car in the heat of the desert and you don’t have enough money to fix it? Horrible. You’re be forced into a life of crime, selling drugs out of your air conditioned home. Even if you got caught you would go to an air conditioned jail with the squares a day and no worries except to stay alive. But even if you die and go to heaven it will be perfect there.

If you’re not going to heaven, that’s very bad. I’ve heard it’s very hot down below.

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