Move Your Car Now!!!!

I used to date a girl who’s father didn’t like me. I was over one evening watching a movie with her when he yelled at me, “I need you to move your car!” I apologized for blocking him in. He said, “You’re not blocking anybody in. You’re at the wrong address!”

I think it’s a good idea to be careful who your children date. The problem is that when you see a train wreck coming, how do you stop it without making it worse? Forbidding your kids to date to date people they really like has never worked. In fact, it usually makes matters worse.

Reverse psychology is hit and miss at best. Sometimes, as difficult as it is, a parent has to just wait it out, hope for the best or hide the body. Nobody wants their daughter getting serious with a lunk head. If he’s really a knucklehead you might get away with giving him a one way ticket to a third world country where he’ll never make enough money to get back.

Or perhaps continuously talk about weapons. If he says, “Wow, this is a great day for a picnic.”, you say something completely crazy and random like, “I once killed a man with my bare hands.” Or maybe convince him that every woman in your family history has gone completely insane at age 25. I don’t know, just experiment.

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7 thoughts on “Move Your Car Now!!!!

  1. In one book I read the man dreaded his daughter meeting a lad who was just like he was when he was 17, so he got around the issue by always cleaning his hunting rifle in the kitchen when her boyfriend came by.

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      1. Thanks Jerry, I love a good C & W humorous song.
        ‘Everyone loves a nut’ by Johnny Cash- never grows old

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