Saving Daylight?? What Are You, Nuts??!

I’m not going to rant about Daylight Savings Time, but it’s just as ridiculous as ‘saving time’. Impossible. We can only spend time. Let us spend our time the way we want! Um, forget that first part.

I think Ben Franklin began this ridiculous policy in the United States but other countries participate too, some calling it summer days. People in Florida are voting this year on whether they should participate in this ridiculous traditional madness. Arizona doesn’t play the game and I don’t think one person has died as a result.

In the comedy business, it’s horrible! Fewer people (by a lot) attend because it’s still daylight at showtime and there are many other choices as a result. Especially in smaller towns, the business really gets hit hard.

If the government really wants to help, I propose something that would be wildly popular! How about changing income tax filing to leap year? Naturally the people who get refunds each year would protest, but they could help themselves by claiming exempt status with their employer. This would increase spending evenly throughout the year.

What about funding for the government? Easy. Bake sales. Sell cookies. It works great for the girl scouts because, well, who doesn’t like cookies? I know! I think it’s a brilliant plan! I’m going to tweet the President right now!

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One thought on “Saving Daylight?? What Are You, Nuts??!

  1. It baffles me too!
    The sun rises, the sun sets.
    There was an era before clocks that was how the day was measured for working folk. Sun rose you got up and started the day, sun set you stopped working (except for tavern owners and suchwhich).
    And yet some people in the UK want double-summertime! Just who are they kidding?

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