What??? I Flunked???

I always tried to be funny in school. In history, I was taking a test. I had the answers on the palm of my hand. Bob Gress stood beside me and asked, “Is there something interesting on your hand?” I said “No its actually pretty boring.” The principal and I had a nice chat.

I always felt that it was my job to liven things up if people were bored. Always. In fact I still do it. It has gotten me into a lot of trouble through the years, from elementary school to this very day. The problem is that I’ve never cared about the consequences, just as long as people were laughing and having fun.

I’ve mentioned a few of the incidents in the past but not all. Not by a long shot. I get regular therapy. I know! I have to because of medical conditions. During my last session, the therapist was being way too serious, in my opinion, so I said, “So where do you get your therapy, cause you are messed up worse than me.” Just a joke but now I have to find a new therapist.

That was funny, right? Another time when my daughter, Sarah was in kindergarten, I taught her nursery rhythms that were just a little different than the norm. Like, “Old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor daughter a dress. When she got there, the cupboard was bare and so was her daughter, I guess.” Funny, right? I had to have a meeting with her teacher.

What’s wrong with having a little fun?

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3 thoughts on “What??? I Flunked???

  1. Humour is a minefield isn’t it?
    MAD is always good for panels on the subject:
    1. Man meets girl at party and whispers a dirty joke to her, she goes off offended to a group of her friends to complain and tells them the joke…..they all burst into laughter.
    2. This is a difficult one to explain but it’s so true of human nature.
    The panel is obviously Dean Martin telling a joke to a group of men shamelessly portrayed as Mafiosi and all laughing (that’s MAD for you) The caption : ‘So if one member of an ethnic group tells an ethnic joke to members of the same ethnic group he is considered a wit’
    Next panel someone obviously Mort Sahl looking perplexed at the same Mafiosi group who are now looking stoney faced. The caption ‘How come someone from a different ethnic group tells the same ethnic joke to that same ethnic group, he is considered a bigot’.
    MAD was an invaluable aid to my social education back in the 1960s

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