It’s No Good And I’m Not Paying For It!!!!

Heather got her first ticket from a traffic camera in the mail yesterday. She sent it back with a note that read, “I don’t like the quality of the picture and it’s way too expensive!” Gotta love her.

I think most of us despise those stupid cameras unless it catches that annoying speed demon who rode your tail for the last four miles. Even then, we won’t know if he got a ticket or not. Where’s a cop when you need one? I know I’ve muttered that when I’ve watched a crazy driver break the law. Just look at the camera at the next intersection. There they are.

My good friend and great comedian, Don Friesen used to tell this joke, “I got a speeding ticket in the mail along with a picture. So I sent them a picture of a check.” Funny. Don has one or two Netflix specials out there. Look him up for some great laughs.

I also hate the stupid security cameras Heather had installed with our alarm system. Now she can see nearly everything I’m doing from her cell phone. I know! It’s unfair! I can no longer play around all day and then get my “Honey Do’s” finished in the last hour before she gets home. That should be illegal.

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4 thoughts on “It’s No Good And I’m Not Paying For It!!!!

  1. Wow, your very own telescreen.
    Very Nineteen Eighty-Four.
    Talking of road signs though, we have one in the UK which is bound to amuse, confuse or disappoint visitors from the States:
    ‘Road humps for the next……’ (and add the distance. They’re our speed bumps)

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      1. My wife wonders why there is sniggering when I go past the sign.
        She’s only sigh and give me that ‘Why don’t men mature past 14,’ look

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