Get Off My Land!!!

I want to live in a tent on my own land. A rain proof tent that’s big; the kind with three bedrooms, so there’s plenty of space. I’d also need a generator for TV, cooking, lights and an electric blanket. Ah, very few bills and when big gusts of wind hit, it’s like going on vacation.

Or I could just get solar panels. Yeah, come to think about it, that makes a lot more sense. Since I wouldn’t have to pay for electricity I could make the entire house run by artificial intelligence. Robots, those little round electric sweeper things, alarm system – as many items that can be useful.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Voice commands only with voice recognition so no one could break in and use the system. We sort of have bits of it already. I can speak to the remote control to change channels or go right to a specific show. And then all of the voice command technology like the Amazon Echo and different types of virtual assistants on our phones.

But what if the system turns on you? Just like in ‘2001, a Space Odyssey’ where the computer named Dave tries to take control of the space craft. There was a great episode of The X-Files that dealt with that very thing only they were connected in and outside of their homes. It didn’t go well.

Maybe just give me an etch-a-sketch and a ‘Pong’ game and leave it at that. Plus the tent. I still like that idea.

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4 thoughts on “Get Off My Land!!!

  1. Those voice command things?
    What happens if the owner has a very strong regional accent.
    I foresee disaster.
    You could ask it to dial up a relative for a chat, and the next thing you’re talking to NORAD.

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      1. Glad to supply chuckles!
        (After the attempted assassination of President Regan, and he was recovered, news came out that ‘the box/bag’ with all the nuclear codes had been dropped in the panic. A fellow worker and I speculated about a kid finding it…
        ‘Whatcha got there Pete?’
        ‘Dunno. Some guy dropped it, and it looks real neat,’
        ‘Yeh let’s take a peak inside…’
        ‘Woww, look at all this cool stuff….I wonder what happens when I press this……’ )

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