Seriously?? That Really Happened???

Have you ever had a dream that seemed like it really happened? I had one of those yesterday. I dreamed I was eating saltine crackers and raw hamburger while watching French mimes on TV. Suddenly Lady Gaga stormed in the front door and said “How dare you!!” and took off with the hamburger. Weird, eh? Um, wait a minute. All of that really did happen. As you were.







Sometimes dreams can be so bizarre that they make no sense at all. At least that’s been my experience. You know what I mean; maybe you’re trapped in a cave with a ferocious bear and just when he’s about to attack you, he brings out a tea party set and you become friends for life and even eat gummy bears and talk real about what goes on in the bathroom. Like that would really happen. Gummy bears, right.







Then there are the nightmares. Mine normally are centered around my strongest fears which always seem to involve me getting married again. Believe me when I tell you that Heather is awesome and our marriage is very good and strong but I really don’t have the best track record. Weddings and spiders. Yikes! I know! I think if I ever have a dream with those combined, I’ll be the guy about who everyone says “died peacefully in his sleep”. How do we know that’s true? It’s probably better for the family to at least think that but the truth is that mine would not be peaceful. Not by a long shot.






Lately I’ve been having really cool dreams. They always seem to involve interactions with people that I’ve had difficulties with. In all of these dreams, and there have been many, we reconcile. Really cool. The stress associated with that relationship is suddenly gone. Now, if I could just have one about the girl in fourth grade who beat me up.



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6 thoughts on “Seriously?? That Really Happened???

  1. On the subject of dreams. Here’s an old British joke directed at politicians:
    ‘(Fill in the name)….dreamed they were making an important speech in Parliament and when they woke…they were!’
    Also used against soccer players who haven’t met the fan’s expectation…delete ‘making’ replace with ‘playing’ delete ‘speech in Parliament’ and replace with ‘match’.

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