You Call This Progress????

I used to live paycheck to paycheck just like everyone else. Over time that changed. Now I live direct deposit to direct deposit.

You have to love today’s technology. It used to feel like a real accomplishment when you received a paycheck on payday. I miss those days. I understand that we don’t want to kill more trees. I really get that. But I think the big push by employers had more to do with saving money than saving trees.

I wonder if people in the lumber industry still get paper checks. That would be funny. They’re already killing trees. Oh the irony. I do like direct deposit now because I receive government payments these days and I don’t trust the government to get everything right. Plus I usually get paid early and avoid the delays and red tape (why is it called that?) if they lose one of my checks.

All in all, I do think that direct deposit is a better system because you always get your money faster. You get income tax refunds back really fast, so that’s cool. Still, there was nothing like the feeling of doing a hard week of work and being handed an envelope or one of those checks with the perforations on each side. I couldn’t wait to open it even if I knew how much it would be. It was like Christmas every week.

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