What??? You’re Censoring Me??? How Dare You!!!!

When I was young, I learned the BIG swear word. Yeah, that one. I had no idea I shouldn’t be saying it. Oh but I was. My teacher said,”You can’t use that word on school grounds!” So I stood on my desk and yelled it. My Mom was not amused.

Censorship is generally not a good thing, but I think if someone is in a very public place, they should speak with socially acceptable terms. Some folks don’t seem to care about being courteous around others. It’s like they’re looking for a fight.

In high school, I was always attempting to make people laugh. Always. Most times it was appropriate language but not always. It really never got me in trouble until my senior year.

I was chosen to read the school bulletin over the intercom system each morning as school began. I decided to tell a short, clean joke at the end. I could hear people laughing in the classrooms nearby so I thought it was a good thing.

One day, the Vice Principal told me I couldn’t tell anymore jokes. He said some of the sour puss teachers were complaining. Seriously? I didn’t stop. Finally, the VP stood beside me and told me that if I started to tell a joke he would take the microphone from me and I could no longer read it to everyone. Naturally I tried and that was that.

Most everyone complained and there was even a petition floating around, but to no avail. I was officially censored. I should have known then that I would have a career in radio and stand up comedy where I could be be paid to tell jokes into a microphone. Ironic, don’t you think?

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