Hit The Breaks!!!!

When I was a teenager I was begging my dad for a car. He said, “You have two legs. What do you think they’re for?” I said, “One for the break and gas and the other for the clutch.” Didn’t get the car.

When I finally got a car I was a maniac. I broke just about every traffic law there was. Going through town at mach II, rolling through stop signs, ditching the cops in pursuit three times. I was crazy and had no business driving a car at all.

I also discovered that many police officers are severely lacking a good sense of humor. One day in Pasadena I was cruising on the freeway doing about 100 mph. I know! This car was crazy fast with a high performance engine and transmission. It ran so smooth it didn’t feel like you were going that fast if there was no traffic.

Suddenly a motorcycle cop came seemingly out of nowhere and pulled me over. The guy walks up and says, “What we’re you readin?”, meaning my speedometer. I said, “Nothing, sir, I don’t read while I drive. That would not be safe.” That was an expensive ticket.

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2 thoughts on “Hit The Breaks!!!!

  1. Sometimes one has to bow before Authority and say ‘I’m so sorry’.
    It’s the only way out
    I’ve been on both sides of the conversation….
    Still a great punch line though!

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